Press Release from SCTC Chairman

February 24, 2017

The Sunshine Coast Turf Club’s Board of Management wish to report that Michael (Mick) Sullivan has informed us at our Board meeting on 22 February, 2017 that he intends to retire effective 31 August, 2017.

Mick commenced employment with our Club as the CEO on 28 February, 2000.

He will have worked 17 ½ years for our Club.

The financial viability of the Club as at February, 2000 was very poor to say the least and he has been instrumental in turning this Club around financially and also in promoting it as one of the most significant Race Clubs in Australia.

Mick has embraced change and has also jealously guarded our operation and has where necessary gone into battle and put the Club’s position clearly to all concerned.

He is very much a hands on CEO and our whole operation has been managed and operated under his guidance and direction.

The Club will now commence its search for a person to replace Mick.  This will be certainly a difficult task and as we know this person will have very big shoes to fill.

Mick will certainly continue to support the Club and he will for the first time after 31 August, 2017 be able to attend a meeting without having to supervise the whole operation and it will be a pleasure to see him just being able to enjoy himself.

He has certainly been a person who has ensured that the Club’s financial security remains and it is one of the functions that he is entitled to be extremely proud of the way in which he has managed, operated and directed the Club.

We wish Mick and Carmel all the very best in Mick’s retirement.

He will certainly be able to spend more time with his family particularly his grandchildren.

The Club is indebted to Mick for all his work and efforts which can only be described as exceptional.

Best wishes Mick, Carmel and family