Gaming and Alcohol Policy

Alcohol & Gaming Policy

The Sunshine Coast Turf Club will conduct all aspects of its facility in a professional and responsible manner and uphold its commitment to provide a responsible gaming envi­ronment.

The Sunshine Coast Turf Club wishes to make sure your visit is an enjoyable one. We provide facilities for you to enjoy in the company of your family and friends during your time of relaxation and leisure. We believe the abuse of alcohol, gambling and smoking may be detrimental to your overall well-being.

The following information may assist you to enjoy life to its fullest, as well as continuing to enjoy a day at the races and all it has to offer.Our promise to you is to ensure that your visit to the Sunshine Coast Turf Club is enjoyable.


Responsible Serving of Alcohol

The Sunshine Coast Turf Club will conduct all aspects of its facility in a professional and responsible manner and uphold its commitment to provide a responsible gaming environment.


Drink Safe

At the Sunshine Coast Turf Club we want to attract responsible people to our club, because it creates a safer, more enjoyable environment for our staff and patrons.

“No more. It’s the Law” promotes responsible alcohol service and responsible drinking at licensed venues. Our government is very serious about alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour and so too is the Sunshine Coast Turf Club.

The main reasons for refusing entry or service of alcohol to our patrons are:

1) The law requires it -ergo for minors, intoxicated patrons, or disorderly patrons

2) Safety of our patrons -ergo where consumption of liquor is placing the safety of a patron at risk

3) Safety of others -ergo the consumption of liquor by a particular person placing the safety of other patrons at risk

4) Civil litigation -the potential for the Licensee or club to be held responsible for not adhering to the above -should an intoxicated patron endanger their own life or the lives or property of theirs

A patron faces a potential penalty if Club Management is hindered when seeking to evict a patron.

The Sunshine Coast Turf Club does not tolerate the excessive consumption of alcohol on its premises.

Alcoholics Anonymous can be contacted on (07) 54762166

Drink Driving -Don’t even think about it! Sunshine Coast Taxi – 131008


Responsible Gambling

Gamble with what you can afford -not with your lifestyle! For most people, gambling is a recreational pastime and a form of entertainment. They have a bet on the TAB, Bookies or Pokies, and enjoy it whether they win, lose or draw.However, for some people gambling may begin to create problems in various areas of their lives. This can result in losing money they cannot afford to lose. It may be money that has been set aside for rent, bills, food or other essential items. The negative consequences of problem gambling are not only financial-emotional stress can affect personal relationships, work and health.

The following organisations offer confidential, free counselling services.

Gamblers Anonymous 07 3830 4196

Lifeline (24 hours) 131114

Gambling Help Sunshine Coast 5492 7423

Are you at risk of gambling excessively? Below are some key indicators.

If you have any of these indicators, you may be putting yourself at risk of excessive gambling.

If you think you might be at risk, we sug­gest you seek further assistance from one of the organisations previously mentioned. As a general rule, don’t gamble any more than 25% of your expendable income. Expendable income is the money left over after meeting all other family and financial commitments.

Normal Social Gambling

Playing for recreation

Setting a limit on losses (and stopping when you reach it)

Taking with you only the amount you are willing to lose (cash or cards)

Playing for acceptable amounts of time (keep track of time)

Playing without an increase in frequency of play or size of bets

Playing for enjoyment

Seeing gambling as a form of entertainment

Believing that you will lose over time

Having gambling as only one of your forms of entertainment

Think about gambling infrequently

Losing and quitting

Being honest about the amount you have won or lost

Risk Indicators

Playing only to win

Playing without a limit on what you are willing to lose

Taking more money with you than you are willing to lose

Playing for excessive amounts of time

An increase in your frequency of play and/or size of bets

Playing to solve problems or to reduce stress

Seeing gambling as a way to make a living

Believing that you will win over time

Having gambling as your only form of entertainment

Thinking about gambling frequently

Playing to win back losses

Being dishonest about the amount of money you have won or lost

Playing with borrowed money

Problem Gambling -Sunshine Coast

Gambling Help Counselling for Problem Gamblers and their families.

Relationships Australia (Sunshine Coast and Gympie) Gambling Help provides the following FREE services to people with gambling problems and those affected by another person’s gambling:

Confidential free face-to-face counselling services for people with a gambling problem and/or to the partners or relatives of people with a gambling problem (individual, relationship and financial counselling available)

Counselling available at Caloundra, Maroochydore, Noosa and Gympie

On ongoing weekly support group in Caloundra

Community education and information Gambling Help counselling can help you to regain a sense of control over yourself and your decisions in relation to gambling. It can help you to understand why it is that you cannot seem to control yourself when it comes to gambling, understand how gambling might be related to difficulties in your life, and help you to practically address these issues.

To access counselling or other services offered, contact a Gambling Help Sunshine Coast on 5492 7423.


Under 18 Policy

Persons under the age of 18 years (minors) are only permitted on the premises if the minor is accompanied by a responsible adult that is exercising parental type supervision responsibly supervising the minor at all times

As a general rule the person accompanying the child should be at least old enough to be the child’s parent i.e 16 year old age difference. The following examples do not comply:

19 year old male accompanying 17 year old girlfriend

28 year old sister accompanying 17 year old brother

Minors will not be served alcohol.

Individuals procuring drinks for minors will be removed from the premises.

All patrons are required to provide acceptable evidence of age where there is any doubt they are under 18 years of age.

Management support staff that practice and enforce ID checking.

The following regulations apply on major race day.
Unaccompanied minors will be escorted by staff to the security control centre where police will be contacted.

So that patrons are not continually asked for ID, security staff carry ‘Age Verified’ wrist bands to be secured to the wrist of the patron.