For just $10 per ticket, you could be walking away with $100,000!

Exciting Cash Prizes Await in Wishlist Caloundra Cup Fundraiser for Critical Hospital Equipment

The Sunshine Coast Turf Club (SCTC) has joined forces with Wishlist, the Sunshine Coast Health Foundation, to raise funds for a Hamilton MR1 Ventilator.

The fundraising initiative, part of Caloundra Cup Day 2024, offers community members a chance to win substantial cash prizes while supporting a critical healthcare need.


For just $10 per raffle ticket, participants can win:

  • First Prize: $5,000 and a chance to win $100,000
  • Second Prize: $2,000
  • Third Prize: $1,000

Peter Boyce, Chairman of SCTC, highlighted the importance of this initiative: “This is a unique opportunity for the community to come together and support a critical healthcare need. The Hamilton MR1 Ventilator will significantly aid in the healthcare of our youngest community members.”

The ventilator, costing $84,920, is essential for neuroimaging infants at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH). The event underscores SCTC’s dedication to community support, demonstrating its commitment to local health services.


Tickets are available online at Wishlist Caloundra Cup Fundraiser.

The raffle ends on July 5, with winners drawn during the Caloundra Cup on July 6. Don’t miss your chance to contribute and win!